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We exist to catalyze human and corporate performance.

By Consolidating Health & Wellness Businesses Using a Proven Model for Exponential Growth & Impact

What happens when you combine the wisdom and experience of our elders with the energy and innovation of youth?

We are a innovative investment group dedicated to acquiring and scaling existing profitable, growing health and wellness businesses in the $500K - $5M annual earnings range. We are currently in pre-formation phase and looking for experienced and passionate board talent to join us in the path to $1B group turnover in 10 years

Wellness, for more people, is evolving from rarely to daily, from episodic to essential, from a luxury to a dominant lifestyle value. And that profound shift is driving powerful growth.

Katherine Johnston, Senior Research Fellow, Global Wellness Institute.

Our Team: Dedicated, Passionate, Driven

Our Board: Seasoned & World Class

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